Those Parkland Kids

Eighteen days ago, another fatal school shooting. It’s sickening to think of those children running for their lives, hiding behind desks and doors, praying the rapid-fire shots don’t find their classroom, crying, texting parents and siblings, telling them maybe for the last time how much they love them.

How are these young students to continue about in U.S. history class, geometry and band practice as if their teacher’s voices aren’t muffled by gun shots and screams on high volume in their heads. Can they sit at their desks without the visions of that day running through their minds like a horror film?

Tomorrow they head back to their classrooms and I can’t stop from thinking about what it will be like for them.

We humans can get used to really bad things, but God forbid we ever get used to this.

Some have called for a revision of all schools to be more like airports and courthouses, like we did after 9-11. Others have suggested making it more difficult to get an AR-15, and still others want all assault weapons banned.

It’s an unfortunate reality that our children are in danger; and we owe it to them to protect them.  We continue to banter back and forth with ideas, but it is time for action. Stop the talk and let’s make our schools safe. And while we’re at it, let’s make our homes safe, too.

Let’s allow children to be children, make mistakes without fear of abuse, yet experience loving discipline that doesn’t rescue them from the natural consequences of their choices. Our children need to have responsibilities and to feel that their contribution and cooperation in their family is needed.  Parents, let’s provide a loving (affectionate, honest, laughter-filled, abuse-free, disciplined) place for them to come home to everyday.

My hope for our country is that we stand up for all of our children and put their safety first. Without safety, one has nothing; meaning a person who is in danger for his or her life, whether emotionally or physically, is on a sort of mental lockdown, and he or she is unable to fully learn, grow, or boldly give and receive love.

We also need to address the breakdown in our society of common moral values; the normalcy of violence in just about everything we see on TV, video games, and movies, the sense of entitlement we instill in our children, and the breakdown of the family.

Let’s help our children succeed.


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