Trust Without Borders


I had to google the words on this beautiful stone (first picture) (a lovely gift from my friends and coworkers when I retired) and found out it is a line in the song Oceans by Hillsong:  Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders. 

My thought was, I don’t have a place where my trust is without borders. That place doesn’t exist for me. Left to myself, I have fences, gates, borders, walls, locked doors, armed security systems, and a really heavy flashlight next to my bed.  I like anything that keeps me and my loved ones nice and warm and safe.  Ask my family and best friends, I always say, “I’m glad you’re safe and sound.”

But as I read the words following: “Let me walk upon the waters Wherever You would call me Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander And my faith will be made stronger In the presence of my Saviour” I think, but with the Spirit of the Living God, my trust can be borderless.

I could never ever have made it this far in my life without the love and care of my Father God.  Without Him, I create a way that is too safe, and honestly, quite boring. I sit in a small locked room, waiting to be rescued.  But with God, I can walk out of that room. It’s adventurous, and scary at times.  But guess what? I’m walking on water! Who doesn’t want to do that? I’m doing things I never thought possible, and it’s not because of me, it’s because of His power and love and He has shared that with all of us. He’s given us everything we need to live this life to its fullest. He’s so good.

I am THANKFUL for all He has given me, all He’s done for me and all He’s doing in my life.  And He’s not done yet, with any of us. He’s got so much more in store for you and me!  Good, good things!  Let’s stay connected to Him because that’s where we find the good stuff He has planned.


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