My favorite things

I forgot I was supposed to write a blog today because I’m so focused on rewriting my manuscript. It’s one of those days, and it might be one of those months. I don’t know, I just want to get through it without having to properly apologize to too many people. 😉


So, the photo above is a pic of one of my all-time favorite Christmas decorations.  I love love love it because it represents my drummer-boy son, my fix-everything husband, and my angel-voice singing daughter.  I found these adorable figurines in a little shop in my town years ago and fell head over heals in love with them and had to have them. So, yep I bought them.  They’re by artist Lori Mitchell, and I just googled her and see that she has sooo many more. So that gets me thinking I need one for my stepdaughter, her hubby, my granddaughter, and my grandson, too.

Do you have a favorite holiday decorations?  Does it have sentimental value to you? I’m sure you have something in all those boxes downstairs that you’ve been pulling out year after year that you’d be heartbroken if it was lost or broken.  Tell us about it or take a pic and post it!  We’d all love to see it!

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