What Not To Think About

If I told you not to think about something, it could be anything, that’s exactly what you’d think about. A hammer, a car, the universe, pink elephants. We can’t help it, that’s how our brains work.  I remember growing up in Georgia and attending an overly strict “Christian” school, they told us “don’t think about sex!” Guess what we thought about? It wasn’t pink elephants, I can tell you that right now.

I think it’s fascinating that the ancient Bible understood that concept too. It tells us to think about good, pure, right, positive things. It doesn’t say, “don’t think about home invasion.” It simply tells us to think about good things because that’s what we’ll focus our minds on if we tell it to. If we tell our minds to go to the negative, it will do that, too. We’re in charge of what we think about. We have a choice.

If we focus on something long enough, it will affect our feelings, and then those thoughts and feelings expand into things. We have the ability to create our own reality.  Look around you, if you know happy people, it’s because they focus on positive thoughts and their feelings are mostly positive, and it’s likely, good things are happening in their lives.

I’m just saying that if we focus on the negativity around us, that’s what we’re going to get. So, if you’re tired of it, try thinking positive thoughts. Think about how much you love your family and friends and point that energy towards them. See what happens. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the positive feelings that start tiptoeing around your heart, or maybe the good feelings will barge right in. I hope they do.

What I’m not saying is that we’ll never have a negative feeling ever again.  Of course not, negative emotion is part of our human experience and can teach us. But we get to choose what we think about. And I can guarantee you that if we choose to think about and focus on the negative, we will get negativity in our relationships, our emotions, our business, and I dare say even in our social circles, communities, and governments.

Maybe we can start positively thinking and feeling the negative away.

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