Five Reasons You Need a Dog

Today we had to say goodbye to our sweet dog Lely.  She would have been 18 in April.  In her honor I give you the
Five Reasons You Should Have a Dog
1.  They provide excellent excuses.  Lely gave us a reason to leave a party early.  For my introverted friends, this is an excellent reason to have a dog.  It was a perfect way to end an evening early. “Sorry, Lely’s been home all night, we need to let that poor girl out”. Now that she’s gone, I don’t know what we’re going to do.
2.  At some point in your ownership, your dog is guaranteed to make you laugh.  Lely did some of the most annoying things, but they were great stories to exaggerate at the same parties at which we were leaving early.
3. They soothe loneliness. When I wanted to go on a walk or read or watch TV or work or make dinner or go to the bathroom, pretty much anytime, I could count on Lely to be by my side or sit and wait until the next time she could be by my side. I didn’t feel lonely with Lely around.
4. They make great playmates for children. Our daughter dressed Lely up and pushed her in strollers and wagons for years.  Lely would even jump up in the stroller and stare her down as if to say “I’m ready for our walk now.”
5.  Dogs give boundless love.  Lely gave us the chance to love on the deepest level any human person can.
Lely had high anxiety that caused her to do naughty things when she was a puppy, and I believe she had the energy of 10 terriers, not to mention her chronic bad breath, underbite, and stubborn attitude, but she loved us unconditionally even when we had bad breath, anxiety and we were naughty. She loved playing and snuggling and never once did she snub her nose at us or make us feel like we were bothering her.
Our old girl was so patient with us and taught our ADHD fam to slow the heck down a little and to be kind and tender, especially to someone who’s in the middle of an anxious moment.
It hurts to say goodbye.  Thank you sweet girl for all you gave us. I’m going to miss the way you ran to the door to greet people thinking everyone came to see you specifically. I’ll miss the way your entire back end wagged when you were happy, which was everyday, all day. And I’ll miss the way you pushed every single pillow off the couch with your nose before settling into your favorite position. We love you so much.
Get a dog, people. Get a rescue dog.  They will do so much more for you and your family than you will ever do for it.  Believe me.  They give and give and take very little. And what they do take is replaceable. What they give is eternal.
We miss you, Lely.
Your Family

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