The Ocean

Ours is a magical love affair

You bring me gifts, shimmering shells of gold and green.

You whisper sweet calm to me all through the day

Misty memories of a happy childhood dream


But yesterday you were angry, and into the night.

I woke to your roar

waves still crashing

Churning up sand, not one shell unbroken


What made you so upset?

Was it something I said?

Is it the trash I throw at you?

Is it the pollutants I use and put in you as if by doing so makes it magically disappear?


Is it the plastic bags, the plastic knives

That end up as a noose or a spear

Around the neck or in the heart of one of your own

Who innocently trust that you give them a safe place to live?


You’ve always loved me so well, but have I truly loved you?


– Allison Stevens

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