A dead bird, a security camera, and the meaning of life

There it lay, a dead bird outside our garage door. It must not have seen the huge garage doors and flew smack dab into them or gotten into a fight with another bird. At least that’s what I thought until I watched the security camera footage. Yeah, I’ve got some time on my hands.

I reached the point in the footage where the bird came upon its fate, and then, I did a mini gasp as I watched it fly in the face of the camera freaking out, flying all around, flapping its wings like a crazy wild thing and if sound was available, screech like a condor. AT THE CAMERA. The fight was with the security camera. And the saddest part of the story, as you and I now know is that the camera won. It’s the oddest thing, why a bird would react like that over a stationary object in a small corner of a garage and just go ninja nuts over it like that. I had to turn my eyes; it was too painful to watch.

The bird clearly felt threatened by the camera as if it was going to hurt the bird in some way, so it fought to its death protecting itself.  But it was mistaken, there was no threat at all. The bird could have lived a longer, happier life of many more tweets.

Have you ever watched someone fight like that? Their anger flares up over what seems to us as the smallest offense. For others, tears pool in their eyes when someone was teasing in what we thought was a fun way, but to them it felt like vinegar poured in an open wound. They’re in deep pain, and they’re trying to simply survive the day.

As I see it, the bird had one main problem, and so do we. It’s that we feel alone. We feel that we have to fight all our battles by ourselves. Our biggest enemy, fear, wants us to believe that no one is here for us and that we are all disconnected. But that lie is killing us, just like it did that poor bird.  We fight each other like we’re enemies, but we are all one. Just because we may look different or worship differently or believe in different political or socioeconomic strategies doesn’t have to make us fight to the bitter end.

We are not alone, people. Neither are the birds, for that matter. God has PROMISED that He will never ever never leave us. She can’t leave us because we are made in Her image! He lives in us.  And God has promised to take care of us!  She will provide for us and protect us.  God is that good and kind and wise and loving. All the time. We don’t have to worry about anything. Worry doesn’t have magical power. Our power comes from God, our loving Source of Life (Matthew 6:25-32)


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