Happy Father’s Day to my Husband

You were the mainstay-ship when the dark waters loomed

and as the winds wailed so long ago

you were the transport on which we found our way.


You brought us to harbor and became the bridge we walked across to gardens of butterflies and chipmunks;

to pogo sticks and bicycles and swimming pools

You gave us a home and a place to rest with laughter and love.


You’re the hand we hold when our hearts rise or when they mourn

And for every dream we aspire to

You orchestrate every note like Vivaldi’s Four Season’s


Time-pieces don’t keep perfect time and

storms come and go,

But there is no one else we’d rather be with on this life-vessel than with you, our Captain.


To my awesome husband– father of one daughter, stepfather to a son and a daughter, and a grandpa to two adorable little ones.  He provides a safe and loving home and would lasso the moon for us if we asked him.   Thank you for loving us so much. We love you right back!

To all the great dads and stepdads out there working and loving and sacrificing for their children and families, we appreciate you and love you.

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