Healthy and Fit after Fifty

I’ve lost 11 pounds and kept it off for almost two weeks. I have 19 more pounds to go to meet my goal and I feel so motivated and encouraged. This is truly a record for me.

I’ve tried losing the extra 30 pounds for years. I’ve had some success, losing 5 pounds here and there, but I couldn’t sustain the loss.

I’ve made three changes that seem to be the key for me in making improvements in my brain and body health.

First, I had to stop eating white sugar.I know, I didn’t like it either, but I feel so much better without sugar (fake or real) in my body. I’ve cut out at least 98% of the sugar I was eating and now my diet is mainly lean proteins and vegetables, and healthy fats.  And I feel satisfied, not looking for snacks every 15 minutes. And it’s paying off as the pounds are dropping and my joints don’t hurt like they did.

Second, I switched from peanut butter to almond butter.  I resisted this change for years because I love peanut butter. I’m obsessed with it, or I was. I didn’t think I could ever not eat it.  Every morning, for many years, I’ve eaten a PB&J for breakfast. It’s what my dad and I had for breakfast together growing up, so I had a hard time letting go of my PB&Js.

Now that the sugar addiction is broken, almond butter tastes delicious to me. I love it.  And I love raw cashews.  I’m careful about the amount I eat, but I never thought I’d eat raw nuts.  Almonds are better for you than peanuts (at least that’s what I’ve heard), and for me, I was eating it with sugary jam and washing it down with sweet creamer and coffee.

Third, I take food supplements that help me with my nutritional needs. I knew I wasn’t able to get all of my vitamins and minerals in my diet alone, so I added a brand of natural health supplements that guarantees only clean, natural products.

Plus, I didn’t realize I didn’t simply have to rely on my will power to achieve my goals. I’d tried that so many times and failed.  A friend told me about a homeopathic solution to help me control my appetite as I weaned myself off the white stuff. It’s an all-natural, clean health supplement that assists in appetite control and burning fat.  And it’s working. I’m losing weight, I have energy, focus, and my joints and knees don’t hurt anymore like they used to. I feel like my younger self again and it’s terrific.

My plan is to continue down this road to my goal weight and sustain it. I feel good now, and I want to continue feeling good. I don’t want to go back to my old ways.

I’m all about mental and emotional well-being. But now it’s time to focus on my physical health.



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