Black Eye, Blue Sky

All Savannah wanted was to be loved and cherished, but her husband had other plans.

Savannah’s heart was shattered into a million pieces by her first husband, and now she was sure she’d never mend it back together.

Until she met Bryce

His sea-blue eyes were a welcome distraction from her daily bouts of grief and loneliness. His philosophy of life was one of living simply and helping others, not of climbing the corporate ladder. He was a breath of fresh air after living with her unhappy parents, whose entire lives were built on portraying the perfect Christian image and using violence to keep their children in line.

Savannah soon finds out, though, that behind Bryces concern for others is an evil darkness within. Paralzed with terror, she doesn’t have the courage to escape. But when he lets loose the vile creature inside him, she must summon her strength to save herself and her two children.

Black Eye, Blue Sky is a heart-pounding, dramatic story of resilience, survival and freedom. It’s available on and

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