Daffodil Daughters

Does anyone understand daughters of the daffodils? what they want? how they think?   The Mother Daffodil thinks only of herself. Her glory is her sunburst crown of gold swaying in the breezes rising through valleys and hills.   Cut her leaves before they yellow? She’ll not wear her crown next time round, I swear … Continue reading Daffodil Daughters

Happy Father’s Day to my Husband

You were the mainstay-ship when the dark waters loomed and as the winds wailed so long ago you were the transport on which we found our way.   You brought us to harbor and became the bridge we walked across to gardens of butterflies and chipmunks; to pogo sticks and bicycles and swimming pools You … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day to my Husband

Red Clay Mountain

I skip, he runs, like best friends do, across the crunchy gravel road, no cares to carry taking us to the mountain of red-orange clay to run and wrestle the dirt that stains the white within an inch of it.   I am four, he, five; our friendship igneous by our love of the earth. … Continue reading Red Clay Mountain

Ethereal Underpass

This morning I sensed an elation driving past the cracked, crumbling fields where the earth upturned dark in the purpling light, where crows speckled the treeline, posing as dark little islands atop yellowing leaves. Today I awoke a little bolder— How should the earth be written? As a soft feather, becoming swept up at the first gust? … Continue reading Ethereal Underpass

The Ocean

Ours is a magical love affair You bring me gifts, shimmering shells of gold and green. You whisper sweet calm to me all through the day Misty memories of a happy childhood dream   But yesterday you were angry, and into the night. I woke to your roar waves still crashing Churning up sand, not … Continue reading The Ocean

Poetry and freedom

Don't go Please don't leave again Every time if feels like my heart will bleed to death Or I will cease to be It's not the same It's not the same without you here Birds don't sing Music don't play And I can't breathe Until you come home. As I sat on our bed watching … Continue reading Poetry and freedom