To the children

Her hands glide across the cool granite

Daily a battle for the woman with him.

He lies in wait to crush her

simply on a whim.

Cold and smooth she scrubs

Then she sweeps across the floors

His eyes fixed upon her

Thinking thoughts she abhors

Caressing the skin of her baby

hearing the coos and ahhs

her heart overflows like a river after spring rains

Like a bear, she’ll run down and devour any threat

She rises with the thrushes and doves

To waken her children for the day

She slices, mixes and bakes for her family

Checking lunches and backpacks

She sends off her littles with a kiss

Brushes her hair on the way to work

To make a buck or two

for field trips and outgrown jeans.

Would I do it all over again?

Yes, just to have you.

You’re the reason I live

The greatest gift I have.

2 thoughts on “To the children

  1. 💕💕💕💕💕Brilliant as always!I love it Allison! So intimate and moving. Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device


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