JOY – Just One You


I’ve figured out a way to have joy in my life and I think this is how you can have it too. 

I used to look out the window of my beige apartment, down to the parking lot below and think my life would always be a dark, scary, unhappy place. I thought all my dreams were dead and that I was destined to live a miserable life.  I didn’t think joy was possible.

I was wrong. My dreams weren’t dead and I wasn’t destined to live an unhappy life. Over the years I’ve realized that the things I enjoy doing are important, things that make me feel alive, because those things are what make me who I am and these things bring me joy.  The things that make my heart soar – being silly with my grandchildren, listening to certain types of music, watching good movies, taking walks or having coffee (or wine) with a close friend, being near the ocean, spending time with my family and friends -bring me pleasure and I need to participate in these things to feel joy. 

If you’re in an abusive relationship or marriage, maybe you’ve forgotten what makes you feel delight. It’s possible you don’t remember the things that used to make you smile or laugh with abandon.  When your husband or boyfriend, hits you and harms you emotionally, it’s easy to go into hiding, and you feel trapped and forgotten.  But you aren’t forgotten at all! You are very reachable and remembered. Light and Love are always looking for you and are closer than you think.

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We have the ability to create a life worth living.  And I’ve discovered that joy comes from finding and doing what I love; it comes from within. My joy is unique to me and what brings you joy is unique to you.

There is Just One You, and you are uniquely made for this world, for this moment, and as Marie Forleo says, “the world needs that special gift that only you have.”  Pursue the things that bring you JOY!

There’s Just One You and it’s in knowing what makes your heart sing that you’ll find joy. 

Finding what makes you happy, (something unique to you because there’s Just One You), equals JOY, which equals STRENGTH.

What is something that you love to do that makes you feel alive and joyful? Write about it in the comments below. 

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